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Synthétiseur MIDIThe website of Midipedia offer the download of more than 1'600 legal midi files free of charge. All the midis files are classified in alphabetical order for a more easily search. In each folder of artist or style you will find the album and in the album all the track in midi format.

More than 1'600 songs and musics in midi format to download in more than 13 differents styles

Midipedia is the only one to offer such legal midi and karaoke files on the same website. It is easy to find what you want because our search system give you the access to your favorite midis and karaokes. Enter the artist's name, the album or the name of the track to get on the midi file you really want.

What is the midi and karaoke format?

Partitions MIDIA midi file is a syntetized music made on a computer. The file is really small and can easily be modify by many softwares. The midi file do not hold the sound of the song but only the notes of are played by the computer. If your sound card is of good quality, the sound will be less or more realistic depend of the mark. Some kind of sound card or VST system can reproduce music like never before.

Is the midi files are legal?

Yes if they are free of rights. No if they are protected or commercial. However, all the midi files on this website are free of rights, so don't worry!

Can I produce midi files?

Yes. With some programs of production, it is possible even without a synthetiser connected on your computer, to create a music piece with instruments like piano, guitare or trumpet. Newbies can use softwares like NoteWorthy and professionnals like CakeWalk. Some program are really easy to use and creating midi file become a child's game

Last news

April 7th 2007 : A new section "articles" made is aparition on the Midipedia's menu.

March 21th 2007: Documentation on MIDI is now avalaible. From start to now.

Febuary 22th 2007: Adding of some midi and karaoke softwares. Soon: many tutorials about the using of these softwares.


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