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Are you looking for karaoke songs? Your at the right place! Did you know that Midipedia share more than 2'000 free karaoke? That's a great news don't you think so? We hold all that music in our midi files section. If that's what you are looking for, go for it. For the others, let's continue that article.

Understand the karaoke

A karaoke is a song without voices or says as instrumental. It means that you can sing over it like an real artist. Karaoke is often used in bars to entertain their customers and make fun easily. Also, you can use a karaoke song to make a demo or only for the fun of singing..

A good karaoke machine erase or reduce in volume the voices and display lyrics on a screen and sometimes, display also a music video with it. But you don't need that kind of machine for personnal use, your computer is enought..

The increased popularity of the karaoke.

All started in the 1980's, in japan, karaoke bars was very popular. That's where many peoples go after the work to relax a little bit. They used the word kara, which mean "empty" and oke which mean "orchestra" for a total meaning of "empty orchestra"..

Karaoke machine

Do you need information about karaoke machine? Welcome to Midipedia, home of music without voice. This article will review some specifications about many karaoke machine, but if your quest is to buy one, scroll down this page for our "Which karaoke machine to buy"... Still there? Nice! Let's start by understanding the functioning of that invention.

Basics of a karaoke machine

Following the increased popularity of the karaoke, japanese manufacturers had put on the market the karaoke machine that you can now find in every supermarket.

There is two types of karaoke machine, the one who do a vocal suppression, however this is rarely effective, and the one who play pre-recorder music without voices and show the lyrics on a tv screen. Best of them also provide the tempo ball who follow the lyrics in live and a cd or dvd player. Some karaoke machine are able to play music video too.

Also, every karaoke machine must work with a microphone and an audio output. Depending of your needs, quality may vary largely. With a karaoke machine, you can increase or decrease the pitch to fit your voice tone while keeping the song's original tempo.

Operate a karaoke machine

To operate that kind of karaoke machine, you first need some karaoke songs, and guest what? You have thousands of them free on this website! If you need somes, just click on the midi files section above.


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